Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Story of Our Lady of Victory!

Here is the text, along with a few of the illustrations from our first book for children-but still within our mission of Christian history.

Long ago, Moslem soldiers
Had something evil planned
They would conquer all of Europe
Which was a Christian land.

They would persecute the Christians
And kill each priest and nun,
Many Christians would become Moslems
When their dreadful work was done.

First Italy, then Switzerland,
Austria, Germany, France,
Spain, Portugal and Poland,
Had very little chance.

Don Juan of Austria came forward
He offered to lead the fleet
Of Christian ships and soldiers,
The Moslems to defeat.

But the Christians had little money
And so their fleet was small
Wile the Moslem fleet was very big-
It seemed Christian Europe would fall!

So the Pope sent word to all Christians
To pray the Rosary.
He knew the Blessed Mother
Would help in this necessity.

So Christians all over Europe
Knelt down and began to plead
That our Lady of Victory
Would help them in their need.

At last in the waters near Lepanto
The great battle was begun.
The Moslems had more men and ships
And yet, the Christians won!

The Pope stood by the window.
Though Lepanto was far away,
He turned and said, “Our Lady
Has given us victory this day!”

For Mary is our Mother.
The Rosary is her prayer,
And if we pray to her each day,
She’ll watch over us with care.

You can order a copy at It sells for $4.50 plus $1.50 S&H.


Anonymous said...

G. K. Chesterton's poem "Lepanto" is the best I've ever read.

Jim Curley said...

No doubt about it, "Lepanto" is great!

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